Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

           Hello 2020! The new turn in the decade promises to keep marketers on their toes. 2019 was an eventful year for small businesses and digital marketing practises used cutting edge technological tools. 2020 promises the same, where technology overrules all decision making in the digital space. DMAG Marketing, the leading social media and digital marketing agency in Pune identifies the top 6 trends of digital marketing in 2020. Read on to know what’s exciting in the digital marketing space for your company to stay ahead of competitors in this New Year.

1.Cheers to Chatbots – Chatbots is a trend that will move in an upswing in 2020. Several companies will continue using this software program that interacts with customers and website visitors. Chatbots are digital conversations that take place between a robot and website visitors where Chatbots answer their questions in real-time. Having a human to manage a chatbox generally results in delayed responses, human errors and psychographic performance barriers. Instead Chatbots work round-the-clock offering personalised service that is error free, instant with no deviation.

2. R&D supported Anticipatory marketing – Buying process is guided by content gathered from several channels through structured and unstructured means. High level R&D, data crunching takes account of all such interactions identifies positive data patterns and undertakes predictive marketing. This trend is in its nascent stage and as per Globe Newswire, anticipatory analytics market size is expected to reach $10.95 B by 2022. Hospitality industry is already successfully using this tool and with the booming e-commerce trade leveraging on predictive data is the way forward.

3.Always in Vogue: Influencer Marketing – While it is a dream for all companies to rope in a celebrity to promote their brand, small businesses operate on a shoe string budget and find this a distant reality. So, it makes great business sense to identify and pay people who already have influence with their target market. Such influencers create a buzz and actively promote the brand amongst the target audience.

4. Shoppable posts – 2020 will take Shoppable posts, a phenomenon introduced back in 2018, to legendary heights. Posts carry blinking dots, primarily because of easier, out of the box integrations with third party apps and ecommerce marketing tech will make it more enticing and convenient for customers to click and shop instantly. With growing number of social media users buying impulses are triggered through feeds and stories and such shoppable posts will instantly result in more website hits and higher sales.

5.Long-term Content Building and ‘Rich Snippets’ SEO structured data – Good and relevant content reflects on search engine ratings organically. Companies will leave their myopic vision towards content building and focus on long term engagement using content towards brand building and relationship making. Further, as per Jumpshot, a marketing analytics firm, 49% of Google searches resulted in no clicks in the first quarter of 2019 concluding that almost half of these searches were lost, missing the chance of gaining traffic. Also, traffic will reduce using traditional organic efforts of SEO and move towards ‘visual search’ snippets available on all popular search engines which allow visitors to get all the information they are looking a lot faster and help them decide on the right website to click through, right from the top results.

6.Voice search adoption – Panning out as per prediction, Voice search has picked up pace and contributes to over 50% of online searches. Besides, using smart speakers like Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana or Google Home to answer users questions and play music, brands can leverage these devices to provide voice-service for their customers.

DMAG Marketing, the leading Digital Media Marketing agency of Pune keeps ahead of time and helps small businesses to stay at the top of their digital marketing game. With major trends emerging in recent years we help marketers stay relevant and focused to grow their business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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