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Focussed targeting by optimising social media channels increases your social media reach.

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We’re obsessed with results & powered by passion.

We’re DMAG, the best Social Media Marketing company in Pune managing 300+ clients from different parts of India. We blend brand strategy, toss creativity and add social media prowess to ensure success for you.


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Influence your clients with unique strategies

 We transform your social media presence with highly relevant content, routine activity, monitored engagement and an influx of new and regular followers.

Innovative ideas

Innovation is thinking out-of-the-box but keeping it simple. We know how to make an marketing impact that lasts.

Certified solutions

Brand awareness, Market Penetration, Traffic and leads or whatever else you’re looking for, for your business. Our team of experts use the right platform of Social Media Marketing to achieve it.

Target your potential & revelant audience through brand new ads

We make sure every rupee you spend grabs eyeballs of consumers who are actually interested or looking for your products or services.

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Improved Brand 

Nothing has a more lasting impression than a story. It takes strategy and expertise to create an unforgettable campaign and remain etched in the minds of your target audience.

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90% Conversion ratio

We know what it takes for leads to convert better, come cheaper, and stay longer. Our agenda is always result-driven. 


How can we help you

Success in SMM cannot be measured by impressions. It is built on relationships. At DMAG, we are experts in this field!

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We accomplish a niche for your ads

We study the market and create a sweet social spot for your brand that resonates and engages with the target audience.

We create the buzz

We ideate, create and execute the right social media plan for your audience to make noise around your brand.

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Get more traffic & enagagement

Our social media activity ensures more visibility on your pages, more website clicks and more business conversions.