Dmag Online Reputation management

Online Reputation Management

What Is ORM:-

In the digital marketing field online reputation management plays a vital role in all over the business, ORM can make or break your brand, therefore Online Reputation Management is nothing but your company’s brand name on the internet community in positive manner. this community includes entire web like different search engines, social channels, blogs, client reviews or opinions about your product & services.

Online Reputation Management Services:-



√ Responding to the client queries.

Handling sites correct information.

√ Recover the lost online Reputation.

√ Creating better connection with  customers.

 Managing negative business reviews.

 Collect direct feedback from customers.

 Provide a positive comments about business.

 Encouraging satisfied clients to contribute positive feedback.


Why ORM Matters:-

Online Reputation Management includes both negative as well as positive sides. Basically, ORM is associated with business revenue, your brand name, customer relationship, your social image henceforth it can affect your brand in both positive as well as negative manner. In ORM, the more positive reviews, you get good advertisement on the web about your business, the more it impacts on your business to generate number of conversions.

In a negative point of view, it shows in the form of bad review about your product or services, decrease business revenue. Client’s negative approach or negative feedback about your business spread rapidly on the entire web.